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2021 Schedule and Registration

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Democratic Representation:

Acts, Aesthetics, Institutions

CSPT 2021 Annual Conference

All events will be held virtually on Zoom. Registration is free and open to all, and is required to access conference papers. Registration links below. Each link gives access to the panels of that day only. Paper access hereConference attendees are encouraged to become members of CSPT: please find membership details here

Thursday May 13, 2021

Register for Thursday, May 13, panels here. Register for Friday and Saturday panels through the links for those days.

12:00 – 2:00 Democratic Representation as Political Mobilization


Chair: Alex Livingston (Cornell)

Lisa Disch (Michigan), Making Constituencies: Representation as Mobilization in Mass Democracy (University of Chicago Press, forthcoming October 2021)

Discussants: Suzanne Mettler (Cornell), Doug Thompson (South Carolina)



2:15 – 4:15  Representation and Athenian Democracy


Chair: Melissa Lane (Princeton)

Daniela Cammack (Berkeley), “Representation in Ancient Greek Democracy”

Noah Dauber (Colgate), “Athenian Democracy as Balanced Constitution: Legislative Procedure in the Respublicae Athenienses

Discussant: Melissa Schwartzberg (NYU)



Friday May 14, 2021


Register for Friday, May 14, panels here. Register for Thursday and Saturday panels through the links for those days.

11:00 – 1:00 Forms of Constituent Power                       


Chair: Aziz Rana (Cornell)

Lucia Rubinelli (Cambridge/Yale), “Plebiscites, Referenda and Democracy”

Nazmul Sultan (Cambridge), “'Discovery' of the People: Postcolonial Founding and the Idea of Independence”

Discussant: Jason Frank (Cornell)


1:30 – 3:30 Revolution, Representation, Aesthetics                 


Chair: Begum Adalet (Cornell)

Chris Meckstroth (Cambridge), “Karl Marx and the Problem of Popular Representation in Mid-Nineteenth Century Revolutions”

Çigdem Çıdam (Union), “From Aesthetics of Resistance to Aestheticization of Politics: The Grotesque Mimicry of Joyful Dissent”

Discussant: Karuna Mantena (Columbia)



4:00 – 6:00 The Politics of Cinematic Representation


Chair: Elizabeth Wingrove (Michigan)

Lori Marso (Union), "Camerawork as Motherwork"

Joshua Dienstag (UCLA), “Knowing Good Representation When We See It: What Film Hides and Shows”

Discussant: Suzanne Dovi (Arizona)

Saturday May 15, 2021

Register for Saturday, May 15, panels here. Register for Thursday and Friday panels through the links for those days.

12:00 – 2:00 Democracy and Aesthetics


Chair: Jill Frank (Cornell)

Robert Gooding-Williams (Columbia), Du Bois’s Political Aesthetics: The Ends of Democracy and the Ends of Beauty

Discussants: Adom Getachew (Chicago), Patchen Markell (Cornell)



2:30 – 3:00 

Spitz Prize Presentation

Richter Prize Announcement



3:30 – 5:30 The People and the Electorate


Chair: Jennifer Pitts (Chicago)

Bryan Garsten (Yale), “On Voting without Assembling”

Kevin Duong (Virginia), “Universal Suffrage as Decolonization”

Discussant: Greg Conti (Princeton)

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