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CSPT Books

Several CSPT conferences have culminated in edited volumes that have sought to advance the organization’s mission of encouraging a broad, humanistic style of thinking about politics, and bringing together scholars from intellectual history, political and social theory, philosophy, and other related fields. Following is a list of books and conference volumes resulting from deliberations and proceedings at CSPT meetings:

Iris Marion Young & Jacob T. Levy (eds.)
Colonialism and Its Legacies

Nancy L. Rosenblum (ed.)
Liberalism and the Moral Life

Terence Ball & J.G.A. Pocock (eds.)
Conceptual Change and the Constitution

J. Donald Moon (ed.)
Responsibility, Rights, and Welfare: The Theory of the Welfare State

Anthony Parel (ed.)
Ideology, Philosophy and Politics

Melvin Richter (ed.)
Political Theory and Political Education

Martin Fleisher (ed.)
Machiavelli and the Nature of Political Thought

In addition, J.G.A Pocock dedicated Virtue, Commerce, and History to his “colleagues and friends in the Conference for the Study of Political Thought.”

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