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2023 Spitz Prize Call for Nominations

Did you read an outstanding book of political theory published in 2021? Did you write one? Nominate it for the Spitz Prize!

The David and Elaine Spitz Prize is awarded every year for the best book in democratic and/or liberal theory published two years earlier. The 2023 Prize will be given to a book published in 2021 (copyright date). Books that are jointly authored are eligible, but textbooks and edited collections are not. 

Publishers and individuals are invited to nominate books by sending physical copies marked “Regarding Spitz Prize” directly to all three members of the Prize Committee listed below. Please also send an email to the Committee Chair, Andrew Valls ( and to ICSPT Coordinator (, alerting the Committee that a nominated book is on its way. The (postmark) deadline for the submission of candidate books is December 1, 2023.

2023 Spitz Prize Committee

Andrew Valls (chair)
Oregon State University
School of Public Policy
300 Bexell Hall
Corvallis, OR. 97331

Murad Idris
University of Michigan
Political Science Department
6743 Haven Hall
505 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Jennifer Pitts
University of Chicago
Attn: Jennifer Pitts
6 rue Thomas Mann
75013 Paris

See past Spitz Prize winners here

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